Monday, 26 October 2015

Spanish Bay is about love and finding happiness wherever you are @Hans_Hirschi #Giveaway


Spanish Bay is a feel-good novel about two young men who, despite having the odds stacked against them, never give up, always see the silver lining, work hard, and are committed to their families, come what may.

Chris, a Texan native who recently moved to Carmel, rescues wheelchair-bound Neil from bullies. Neither question the love that develops between them, although their life together is not without challenges. When Chris’s parents die in a car accident, their young love faces the ultimate test. Will they be able to cope with the additional responsibility of raising Chris’s baby brother Frank, who is also confined to a wheelchair?

Spanish Bay is about love, overcoming obstacles, and finding happiness, wherever you are.




“The weather was cold and gray when Chris disembarked from the plane. He didn’t bring much luggage and was out of the terminal in no time, where he immediately saw Jessica, waiting for him.
“Hey, bro. Welcome home!”
“Thanks, sis. How are you? Look at you, you look different!”
“Oh, I haven’t had time to go cut my hair so I figured I’d put it in a ponytail for now. Like it?”
“Sure. Of course I do. Makes you look twenty-two, at least.” He gave her a big hug, and they walked out to the truck together to drive out to the ranch. “How’s Jack doing?”
“Great. He’s out on the fields today, plowing. He’s been working so hard, you have no idea. He is literally pouring his soul into the land, and, mind you, so am I. What do you think? Will we be able to hold onto it?”
“I don’t know. It all depends on what we hear at the meeting tonight. I have something else I need to talk to you guys about. Did you talk to Alex?”
“Yeah, she’ll be out at the house after dinner. She finally got to agree to look[…]”

Excerpt From: Hans M Hirschi. “Spanish Bay.” iBooks.




  1. Congratulation to Hans on the new book.

  2. Congrats on your release! As for what would I do with the GC...well,buy books,of course.