Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My killer would be one of my men #MidWeekTease #amwriting #mmromance

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino were we writers share teaser from our work-in-progress or published book.

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This week we're with Dante in the aftermath of taking Carlos as hostage. They are in a private jet flying back home. Carlos is locked away in the bedroom and Dante is sitting with Marshall who isn't pleased with his choice of hostage. Enjoy.

Opening my eyes, I stared at my consigliere. Marshall never questioned my decisions. On the other hand, I'd never deviated from a plan like I did today. So his concern proved valid.
"You know you put yourself in a weaker position by taking Carlos," he said. "Marcos was the more valuable hostage."
More valuable to The Baron but not to me.
Disorientated for a moment, breath locked in my throat. Carlos was valuable to me? Turning my gaze to the view as we flew above white clouds in bright sunshine, I mulled the idea over. Yes, I wanted him as much as I wanted my next drink of water. Still, this showed to be more than a physical ache. The boy had done something to me that no other lover had been able to do. His presence soothed my restless spirit.
My gut tightened as I swallowed the realisation. My true feelings for Carlos had to stay hidden.
In the New World sex between men was barely tolerated. Relationships were a no-no. In the Cartels it was strictly forbidden. As a Cartel boss, I ran a double risk. Not only did I have Carlos's father gunning for me. If my men found out I had a soft spot for Carlos I would have mutiny on my hands. My killer would be one of my men.
I stared at Marshall, concern etched on his tanned face as he held my gaze. He'd been beside me from the time Don Pedro Montez found me picking food outside his restaurant and took me in; first as my best friend and now as my adviser. He knew of my proclivities. I trusted him with my life. Could I trust him with this?
"I know it's not what we planned," I said with a shrug. "But I went with my instincts and they've never failed me before."
"Sure." He nodded, seemingly satisfied with my explanation. "What do you want to do now?"
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  1. What a realization. The last line is the big question too. Fabulously done, Kai.

    1. Yeah, that's the big question. Thanks, SJ.

  2. These snippets just get better and better! :)

  3. Oh my the tension! Fantastic tease, Kai. :-)

  4. Yeah, that is one dangerous situation Dante's in. Terrific setup and tease, Kai!