Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Saying that was asking for trouble #midweektease #amwriting #mmromance

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino.
It's time to treat you to more from my current work-in-progress.

Last week we had Dante saving Carl in the alley from the two men. This week, I've moved on from that scene a little and we are now in a taxi with both of then heading to Dante's hotel. This is in Carl's POV.

This is still a first draft so pardon any errors. (I should mention that I write in UK English)


He didn't carry me all the way to his destination. Shame. A wide grin curled my lips at being draped over his shoulders and staring at his tight ass. As soon as we walked away from the night club and dark alley he'd found me, he placed me back on my wobbly feet and hailed a cab. One stopped. He pulled me in and told the driver his hotel.
My attempt at making conversation crashed like a lead balloon. After several one word grunts from him, I gave up with a huff and curled up beside him. He settled his arm around my shoulder, making me relax and filling me with a sense of safety. Despite the air of danger that surrounded him, I didn’t feel threatened by him.
Drawing in a deep breath, his warm scent filled my lungs. God, he smelled fresh and sharp and masculine. Just like his aura he smelled like a self-confident man, a man who wasn't afraid to show his sensual and emotional side.
"You finally stopped talking," he said in a deep voice that had my stomach tightening.
Looking up at him, his lips were tilted in a smile that left me speechless. A vision of those full lips claiming mine filled my mind. His smile turned into a smirk making my cheeks heat up.  I still didn't know his name. He'd refused to tell me at the club.
"If you're going to take me back to your hotel, I need to know your name," I said with my head tucked back against his chest.
"You can call me D," he replied.
"Dee," I said with a chuckle. "Isn't that a girl's name?"
Saying that was asking for trouble. This man projected dominant, virile masculinity. His response came instantly. A hard pinch to the fleshy top of my arm.
"Ow." Protesting at the pain, I tried to move away from him. "What did you do that for?"
He held me tight and soothed the sting with his caressing thumb.
"Watch your mouth, brat," he growled and something melted inside me. "It's the letter D."
"Oh, I get it." I couldn’t stop pushing. It was just who I was. "D is for Dark. D is for Dangerous. D is for Domineering. Am I right?"
His shoulders lifted. "All of the above." There was humour in his voice. His response only increased the mystery surrounding him.
"It's a good thing I like dark, dangerous and domineering then," I murmured and snuggled back into his hardness.
"You shouldn't."
Before I could question him about what he meant, the cab stopped in front of an exclusive hotel built in a crescent shape and the uniform-clad doorman was opening the car door.
D stepped out first and I went to follow him but he held his hand up in a 'stay' gesture.
"Wait," he said and swept his gaze across the entrance and the driveway leading to the road as if he was searching for something. As if he knew what I'd done.

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  1. I absolutely love their little dialogue exchange, Kai! It's just as dark, dangerous and domineering as D! Great job. xoxo

  2. Oh, that's a curious and dangerous last line. Nicely done, Kai. :)

  3. I'm really enjoying Carl and Dante's story -- looking forward to more!

  4. D is definitely domineering! Great tease, Kai!

  5. Oh, that last line.... you can't leave it there!! Fab tease. :-)