Wednesday, 25 March 2015

He couldn't wait to have me all alone #midweektease #amwriting #mmromance

Welcome back to Mid-Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino.
It's time to treat you to more from my current work-in-progress.

Last week we got into Carl's POV. This carries on from where that left off.

This is still a first draft so pardon any errors. (I should mention that I write in UK English)


D stepped out first and I went to follow him but he held his hand up in a 'stay' gesture.
"Wait," he said and swept his gaze across the entrance and the driveway leading to the road as if he was searching for something. As if he knew what I'd done.
A shiver passed through me and Goosebumps mottled my skin.
Finally he paid the cab and opened the door wide for me. "Come on."
He hurried me up the short steps of the hotel, through the marbled lobby and into the lift. My blood fizzed and my doubt fizzled away. I hadn't been caught out. His actions weren't of a man about to kick my ass for the stunt I'd pulled tonight.
Instead he acted as if he couldn't wait to have me all alone. Couldn’t wait to sate the intense need glittering in his dark eyes.
Head tilted back, I stared up at him in the close proximity of the lift, hoping he would touch me. He didn't. My body itched for him. I wanted him wrapped around me. I needed him filling me up.
If I groped the well-endowed package tenting his trousers, would he let me suck him off in the lift? Yes, I was that slutty. And I usually got what I wanted.
Time to test my theory, my palm covered his bulge. Well, tried to. He was hard and thick.
"Don't." He gripped my wrist and pulled my hand off. "Behave or you don't get fucked."
"Spoilsport." Lips pouted, my back settled against the cool shiny metal enclosure.
He chuckled. A warm sound that vibrated inside me and made my cock jerk in my pants. Boy, I loved the sounds he made whether he was just talking or laughing. Loved the way his midnight eyes glittered and his face lit up with his laughter; contrasting with the intensity he exuded from the moment I saw him at the club. I wanted to luxuriate in his presence even when he wasn't touching me, like now.
The lift pinged and I stepped out first.
"You're eager," he said as he followed me out.
I stared at his groin and licked my lips. "You bet I am."

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  1. What a great show of two different characters. I got a feel for them both here. Very cool. I'm curious about what happens next. :)

    1. Thank you, SJ. I'm glad you got that from this little piece.

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha. Well, it is frustrating for Carl.

  3. Very sensual, great warmth spread over me while reading this. Nicely done Kai!!

  4. Oh, he needs to learn patience. Great tease, Kai. :)

  5. Awesome tease, Kai. I loved it.