Wednesday, 20 May 2015

"Empty out your pockets" #MidWeekTease #amwriting #mmromance #thriller

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino were we writers share teaser from our work-in-progress or published book.

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Last week we saw Dante (D) demand a hostage from Carlos's dad. In this week's tease, Carlos is realising that being D's slave/hostage isn't going to be a walk in the park. Enjoy.

Marshall stood outside the car at alert, feet planted apart, hand gun still in view. A little while later D walked out of my house. He said something to Marshall and then got into the back seat with me, his fingers padding across the screen of his phone. Marshall got into the front and the car sped down my driveway and out through the gates.
Silence reigned. I squirmed in my seat, even more aware of D's quiet presence. The side profile of his tousled midnight hair and day-old bristles on his chin made him appear dangerous, even as his body leaned into the soft leather seat. This man had stood up to my father and walked away. I was in awe of him. My skin prickled, heat washed over me.
"I didn't pack a bag," I said, unsure of what else to say.
"I'll provide what you need. Empty out your pockets," D said in a monotone voice. "Give the items to Marshall."
Hands shaking, I pulled out my wallet, sunglasses and phone and handed them to the guy in the front passenger seat. I watched as he rifled through my wallet first and then proceeded to dismantle my phone.
"Hey, that's my—"
"No," D said in a low, harsh voice as his hand gripped my chin making me look up at his face. "You are my slave now which means you own nothing. You belong to me for as long as I wish and everything currently in your possession is mine. If you want the privilege of using any of the items, you will have to earn it first. Am I clear?"
"Am. I. Clear?"
"Yes, s-sir," my voice trembled.
This was a stricter version of the man I'd met two weeks ago. A man I didn't know very well. A stranger all over again.
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  1. Oh ho, Carlos is gonna have to earn privilege rather than walk with it. Great snippet, Kai. :D

    1. Yes, he is. What a shock to his system considering his privileged upbringing.

  2. Yeah, Carlos is in for it now. But deep down I suspect he's going to enjoy it. Faboo snippet, Kai!

    1. The enjoyment might not come as quickly as he hopes. LOL

  3. Oh my, I can almost sense his confusion. Great tease :-)

    1. Yeah, you can say that again. He really didn't realise what he's in for. LOL

  4. The situation just got real. Fabulously done, Kai!

  5. Well done. This isn't what he was expecting that's for sure.