Wednesday, 1 April 2015

His taste exploded in my mouth #MidWeekTease #amwriting #mmromance

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease and thank you to the lovely Sandra Bunino for providing the opportunity for us writers to share our work with all you lovely readers.

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This week I'm bringing you a sexy scene. You've all being great over the weeks as Dante and Carl have gotten to know each other. Well, this is the morning after their first night together and it seems neither of them is ready to walk away yet.

I hope you enjoy it. It's still a first draft so pardon any errors.
*Note, this is written in UK English.

After a quick wash I wrapped a towel around my waist, walked over to the sitting room and ordered breakfast. I was just finishing off the order when Carl strode over in his naked glory.
I put the phone down and leaned against the table. "You are a gorgeous sight to behold."
His smile lit up his face and he came to me, standing between my thighs. "I missed you in bed."
A fist clutched my heart and squeezed. I'd never had a lover say that to me. I tugged his shoulder with one hand, tilted his head up with the other and slanted my lips across his. His taste exploded in my mouth. A sweetness I couldn’t seem to get enough of it. I physically ached for him. Wanted to spend the rest of the day savouring every part of him even after the night of hot, fulfilling sex we'd had.
Breaking off the kiss, we both gulped in air. The hardness of Carl's cock pressed against my hip. I tilted his face, brushing my mouth on his jaw. Nipped the smooth skin and then soothed the sting with my tongue. I explored his skin with my lips just as he explored my back with his fingers. His touch increased my lust. I tugged him closer, aligning out bodies. Despite his slender form, we were a perfect fit. I enjoyed the way he felt in my arms.
“Damn it, you drive me crazy.”
He gave me that ten kilo-watt smile of his and went down on his knees, loosening the towel in the process. Cool air kissed my dick before his warm, soft palm wrapped around my length and squeezed.
"Carl," I groaned, legs weak.
When I went to the club last night I hadn't been looking for someone like Carl and I certainly didn't expect to bring him back here and have him stay the night. But this morning, I couldn’t picture anyone else doing this to me. I wanted his mouth around my cock. Carl's hand slid up and down my length in a firm stroke right down to the base and then sliding back up to cup the swollen slick tip. His thumb ran over the slit, spreading the drop of pre-cum gathered there.
Pressure built in my balls, the pit of my stomach tightening. I let out another groan, surprised in myself. I never allowed anyone this much freedom with my body, always controlled everything. Yet I resisted the urge to grab his head and ram my shaft down his throat.
Drifting my hand to his head, my fingers tangled in the silky strands of hair. I stared down at the man at my feet, my breath held in anticipation as he parted his lips. My dick throbbed, twitching in reflex at the warmth of his breath fanning me.
Carl looked up at me through the curtain of his blond lashes and smiled, teasing me.
My grip on his hair tightened and my hips rocked forward, nudging the smooth head against his parted lips.
"Suck me," I commanded, low and rough.
His smile widened and he took my length into his moist heated mouth. All I felt, thought, saw, was his lips and tongue on my cock. I fought the urge to take over, to thrust. To fuck his face thoroughly.
Letting out another groan, my eyes drifted shut and my head tipped backward as I held his head in place, letting him set the pace.
His hand fisted the root of my shaft and he bobbed his head back and forth increasing the rhythm and pressure.
Pleasure built in my balls, drawing tight into my body. For the first time since I could remember I was letting someone else control my body and the speed of my orgasm. But I didn't care. I opened my eyes and looked down at Carl and seeing him kneeling there, my moist cock sliding in and out of his swollen lips, I don't think I'd seen anything hotter. He moaned around me as I realised he was also jacking himself at the same time. Strings of his cum coated his hand.
I exploded, semen spurting out in hot jets into his mouth. He didn't stop and sucked me for what seemed like an endless moment.
When he leaned back I was glad to have the table to hold me up. After catching my breath, I shifted over to the armchair and picked up the discarded towel.
"Come," I said.
In response, he crawled across the carpet and my lust reignited. I stifled a groan. He couldn’t possibly know what seeing him on his hands and knees did to me. Or perhaps he did.
He stopped in front of me. Leaning down, I picked him up and sat him on my lap before cleaning him up with the towel. I chucked it and wrapped my arms around Carl, his head tucked against my shoulder.
"That was the best blow job I've ever heard."
He tilted his head up and met my gaze. "I just wanted you to know I'm great with my mouth at something else other than talking."
Chuckling, I stroked his arm gently. "I'll bear that in mind. Do you have to be anywhere today?"
He shrugged. "No."
Curiosity got the better of me. "Isn't there someone expecting you home? Someone you need to call to say you're okay." A parent? Housemate? Boyfriend?
He shifted. "Erm. It's okay. I'll call them later."
I frowned. Did he do this frequently? End up with strange men all night long. So much so no one cared about his whereabouts? I didn't like the sick feeling in my stomach at that idea.
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  1. Hi Kai! Wow, when he said at the end there that he'd " them later" and seemed really reluctant to have said it, you got my interest way up. Very nice job! Looking forward to next week. :) xoxo

    1. Thank you, Carlene. Yes, Carl is definitely hiding stuff. xoxo

  2. great tease and lovely pic :-)

  3. Oh wow, I just loved that, Kai. Wonderful tease :-)

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you loved it. Thank you!

  4. Hoo boy. This is one huge, honking, SMOKING tease of a scene. Absolutely great stuff!

  5. Phew - hot stuff!! *fans self* well done!

    1. I think I'm blushing from all the praise from so many wonderful writer. Thank you, Lucy.

  6. Great scene, Kai, but also nice touch at the end where he worries about what Carl isn't saying. Great tease.