Wednesday, 29 April 2015

It wasn't the purveyor of flesh blocking the doorway #MidweekTease #amwriting #MMRomance

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease and thank you to the lovely Sandra Bunino for providing the opportunity for us writers to share our work with all you lovely readers.

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This week I have a different story to tease you with. It is still part of the World's End series that you've been reading but features different characters. This story is due for submission on Friday for an anthology coming out later this year. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to Enzo and Lexan. These two are such lost souls. They find each other due to circumstances but will they find love?

I hope you enjoy it. It's still a first draft so pardon any errors.


"Congratulations, Enzo," Kazuyo said in a soft voice like he was talking to a child who had pleased him. "You have a new owner."
Taking a deep breath, I suppressed my anger and, for the first time in weeks, allowed my shoulders to relax a little. The future remained uncertain yet I wouldn’t lose the one thing that had kept me together the past few months. Hope.
Hope that I would escape this degrading life. Hope that I would reunite with my family. Hope for the vengeance I would mete out on those who have wronged me.
Hope. I clung onto it as my guards returned and untied me from the pulleys, leading me down the bright corridor accompanied by the sound of rattling chains. The holding cell had nothing in it but stripped back brick wall.
"On your knees," Guard number one ordered.
Normally his tone would've irritated me. Now it had no effect as I complied, the only thoughts in my head of getting out of here.
He removed the cuffs and chains attached to my wrists and ankles. I rubbed my unbound arms, getting the circulation going again.
The other man shoved some clothes at me. "Put these on."
I stared from the items on the floor back up at the guards. They were not that much bigger than me. I could take them down and make a run for it. Easier said than done though, considering I still had the damned electronic collar around my neck. The contraption was nasty. It delivered crippling electric shocks to the wearer. I knew from first-hand experience how much it hurt.
The guards smirked as if they knew what I was thinking.
Suddenly the men stiffened and stepped outside the room. I wondered if Kazuyo was back. But it wasn't the purveyor of flesh blocking the doorway.
My breath caught in my throat.
A man in fitted black jacket and trousers—designer, no less—a dark blue shirt and no tie. In my old life, I had been more of a plaid shirt and faded denim king of guy. So I could smell city slickers a mile away. But he didn't project the usual arrogance and brusque attitude a country guy like me had come to expect from his type.
In fact, I couldn’t read him at all. Long black hair fell to his shoulders. Combined with his lean and angular body he appeared almost feminine. Half of his face was covered by a black mask. But the piercing cold and motionless expression was what really got my attention. He had the most intense eyes I'd ever seen, the color of steel blades—perfect, sharp and deadly.
He stared at me with no smile, no emotion. Still my body temperature rose under his gaze and I resisted the urge to adjust my position. No man had ever elicited that reaction from me before. Damn, he didn't even blink.
He stepped into the room and shut the door, leaning against the bare wall. At the moment we were at polar opposites. I being completely naked and he covered from neck to toes in luxurious fabrics. I should've been uncomfortable. I'd seen the way others leered at my bare form. Yet in his gaze I saw… admiration?

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  1. Great snippet, Kai, and good luck on getting your story finished! :)

  2. Oooooh. I LIKE. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

  3. Good luck with your submission, and you've certainly got my attention :-)