Sunday, 24 April 2016

Something unspoken passed between us #sexysnippets #mmromance Sicario

Happy Sunday! I'm joining in for sexy snippets today and sharing from my current work-in-progress Sicario 2: the full novel. This is still a first draft. Enjoy.

He nodded and stepped forward. “I’ll give you twenty-four hours to prove yourself, Alex.”
That was more than enough time to learn what I needed to do my job.
“Deal,” I said as we shook hands.
Electric shock spiked up my arm. His onyx eyes widened, something unspoken passing between us.
As we stood connected, I should have been assessing all the ways I could take his life.
Instead my cock hardened as I pictured him on top of me, stretching my hole as he filled me up.

I hope you enjoyed it. Leave me a comment and come back next time for more.
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