Sunday, 1 May 2016

I'd see him without clothes #sexysnippets #amwriting #mmromance Sicario

Hello, readers. I've got more sexy snippets from my current work-in-progress Sicario: the full novel. This is unedited so pardon any errors.
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I headed for the porch of the cabin and climbed the stairs. “You’re going to have to take your clothes off out here. Gianna will kill me if we drip water all over the wooden floor inside. It only got replaced recently.”
I said the words in a matter of fact tone as I sat on the top step to pull my boots off.
“Okay,” he said and mirrored what I did.
My pulse raced. I'd see him without clothes.
I hope you enjoyed it. Come back next time for more.
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  1. Ohhh, what fun, and very sneaky, lol. :)

    1. LOL. Yes, the fun's about to start for them.