Sunday, 4 September 2016

“I’ll keep you safe” #rainbowsnippets #sexysnippets #mmromance Sicario

Today I'm sharing a snippet for Sexy Snippets as well as Rainbow Snippets. Hello to my new Rainbow Snippets visitors and welcome to my blog.

This snippet comes from Sicario, book 2 in my World's End series. The POV is Lexan's and the scene is self-explanatory. Something bad is coming.

We both shifted up into the bed fully clothed. As I placed my head on the pillow, Enzo switched off the light, rolled over and put his arm over me. Sighing, I relaxed a little as I felt him close. The need for him still shimmered in my body, but the need for survival superseded the need for sex.
Neither of us spoke and neither of us slept for an hour.
“You can sleep,” I said. “I’ll take the first watch and wake you in two hours.”
“I’m not sure I can sleep,” he said.
“Try. You need the rest.” I turned around to face him. “I’ll keep you safe.”

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  1. I love how sweet, caring, and yet sensual this snippet is. :)

  2. I think these are going to break my TBR pile ;)

  3. Sweet scene. You can feel the love in that promise.

  4. There is nothing more powerful and poignant than the line "I'll keep you safe." It captures so many emotions and promises. Well done, Kai.

  5. That last line just holds so much emotion.