Monday, 10 August 2015

#MovieMonday Free Fall featuring #ManCandy Max Riemelt #GayMovie

Welcome to Movie Mondays where I share my opinion on movies I've seen lately or old movies I love.

A few months ago I watched Free Fall on Netflix and loved it.

It's the story about a police man, Marc, who has a good life--a good career, a fiancee and a baby. When he meets a fellow officer, Kay, they form a friendship on their regular jogging trail. Soon Marc is experiencing new things and falling in love with Kay. But of course he is torn, because he cares about his girlfriend and baby and doesn't want to lose them. Expectedly, his life careens out of control and he struggles to find the right balance the will please everyone.

This movie was billed as Germany's version of Brokeback Mountain. But since I haven't watched Brokeback (*eyeroll* yes, I know.) I can't compare the two.

All I know is that I loved this movie. It has English subtitles but I didn't even notice the language barrier as I got entranced by the drama of it all. The acting is very good and there were a few steamy scenes. One of my favourites is of Marc and Kay on the jogging track in the rain.

It also doesn't hurt that the two main characters are HOT.

And Max Riemelt has gone into my celeb crush list. He is a total #mancandy.

Anyway, I digress. Check out the movie trailer and if you've got Netflix, check it out there too. It's also available on Amazon Instant Video.

What about you? What movies have you seen lately that you'd recommend? Leave me a comment.

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