Wednesday, 19 August 2015

"Take me...Take all of me" #MidWeekTease #amwriting #MMRomance #ComingSoon

Hppy Hump Day! Welcome back to mid-week tease where writers share excerpts from their work-in-progress or published stories.

Today I have more from Duce and this time it's a steamy scene. I hope you enjoy it. It's in Carlos's POV.
I should mention that this is unedited.

The sound of his zipper was the only warning, then his thick cock rammed into me.
"Aah!! I bit into the sheet as pain shot through me.
"You want me, don't you, Carlos?" he asked in an uncertain raspy voice that told me he was at control's edge.
"Yes, D," I replied, not wanting him to stop. He'd made me wait for so long, no penetrative sex for close to a month. I'd never gone without for this long since I became sexually active, making me tighter than usual even with the lube.
Moreover, I wanted him like this—unrestrained and dominant. Everyone else saw the dominant man, but no one else ever saw him uncontrolled. No one else ever saw him vulnerable. Only me.
"Then take me." He pulled out leaving only the broad tip to breach my sphincter. "Take all of me."
From the way he said the words, I knew he meant more than his physical self. He was giving his entire being to me—the good, the bad and the downright scary. I couldn't pick and choose which part of him I wanted.
He held still, his muscles bunched up, fingers gripping my hips as if he awaited my response.
Turning my head to look back at his face, I gave the only answer I could ever give. "Yes, D. I want all of you."
My heart caught in my throat at the intensity of his dark gaze as he slammed into me. Pleasure and pain swirled around me, heating my skin. My toes curled into the carpet, my hips jerking to meet the thrusts. Each back and forth motion emptied me out only to fill me completely again.

Want more? Duce is coming out October 19th. Find out more HERE.

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  1. Hot and emotional. Love it, Kai :-)

  2. Anticipation makes everything taste/feel/smell even better.

  3. Holy CRAP, that's hot! Fantastic tease, Kai!

  4. What a hot, powerful tease, Kai. Nicely done, and congrats on the upcoming release. :)