Sunday, 21 August 2016

The devil was on my tail #sexysnippets #queerromance #darkromance #suspense

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets, organised by Doris O'Connor and hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers. The idea is to share seven sentences from your work in progress or published story. Anyone is welcome to join in. Just visit the Sexy Snippets page to add the link to your blog where you've posted your sexy snippets.

This week I bring you another teaser from my work-in-progress, Capo, the third book in the World's End Series. This is Sofia and Marshall's story. So you would've guessed this isn't an M/M as Sofia is a transwoman.
For this scene we're in Sofia's POV.
This is still a first draft so pardon any errors.

The devil was on my tail.
I hurried across the busy lobby of CasinĂ² Maximo in Angel City, determined not to glance around. The buzz of music, conversations and coins slotting into machines were temptations that had nearly consumed me when I'd first arrived in the city years ago. Never again.
Pressing the lift call button, I stood back, tilted my head up and watched the blue digital numbers above the metals doors, trying to decipher which of the four elevators would arrive first. One to my right pinged and I stepped in when the door slid open. I pressed my palm on the reader before punching the special code that would give me access to the top floor of the building.

I hope you enjoyed the snippet. More coming soon.
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I have an extra treat for you. This is the soundtrack to this story.
Devil On My Tail by The New Shining. Enjoy the You Tube video