Sunday, 7 August 2016

"Whatever you say, boss" #sexysnippets #mmromance #suspense #kindleunlimited

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets, organised by Doris O'Connor and hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers. The idea is to share seven sentences from your work in progress or published story. Anyone is welcome to join in. Just visit the Sexy Snippets page to add the link to your blog where you've posted your sexy snippets.

Todays snippet comes from Sicario. This is in Enzo's POV. Enjoy.

I ran my fingers through his wet hair, gently massaging his scalp. “We’re going to stand up and let the rain wash away most of the dirt. Then we’re going inside to shower. Afterward, I’m doing whatever else I want to do to you for the rest of the night.”
His eyes sparkled as his lips curled into a smile. “Whatever you say, boss.”
Chuckling, I pulled his head down and breathed against his lips. “You’re right about that.”

I hope you enjoyed it. Leave me a comment.
Sicario is available on Kindle Unlimited until end Oct 2016. So you can borrow and read it if you have Amazon Prime.

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