Sunday, 1 November 2015

I couldn’t picture anyone else doing this to me #SexySnippets #amreading #MMRomance

Happy Sunday! I'm back with the Sexy Snippets writers today and I'm sharing a snippet from Duce. Are you a writer and want to join in? Visit The Nuthouse Scribblers to sign up.

“Damn it, you drive me crazy.”
He gave me that ten kilo-watt smile of his and went down on his knees, loosening the towel in the process. Cool air kissed my dick before his warm, soft palm wrapped around my length and squeezed.
"Carl," I groaned, legs weakened.
When I went to the club last night, I hadn't been looking for someone like Carl and I certainly didn't expect to bring him back here and have him stay the night. But this morning, I couldn’t picture anyone else doing this to me. I wanted his mouth around my cock.


I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Want to find out more about Duce? Check this out.
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  1. Hot snippet and good luck with the book.

  2. Replies
    1. And delicious even, see I can't even type properly after reading that :-P