Sunday, 24 July 2016

Joy is... when two of your favourite reviewers love your books #bookreviews

It's been an awesome ten days with regards to book reviews. When you send your book out to reviewers you're there is never any certainty with regards to what will happen. You can only hope that they enjoy it.

So when one of your favourite book reviewers loves your book, you jump up and dance around the room. When a second favourite reviewer loves your book, you find yourself singing 'halleluyah!'

Check out this 5-star review of Sicario by Queue over at Prism Book Alliance. It starts with:
"My god, Kai Tyler can write a compelling and action-packed tale."
Read the rest of the review here.
You can also read Queue's five stars review of Duce.

Then there's this 4-star review of Duce by Roroblu's Mum over at Amazon. It starts with:
"Good start to the series, with characters who held my interest, as well as future leads who did the same. 4*"
Read the rest of the review here.

I'm always grateful to any person what reads my books and takes the time to write a review. So thank you to all the reviewers! <3

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