Sunday, 10 July 2016

This new arrival was an unknown. #SexySnippets #MMRomance #Suspense Sicario

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets organised by The Nuthouse Scribblers.

This week I bring you a snippet from Sicario: A Novel.
In this scene, Lexan has just arrived at the Ranch and has been invited inside by Gianna, Enzo's sister. They are chatting when Enzo arrives. Enjoy.

While she was harmless, this new arrival was an unknown. My first instinct was to reach for my gun but as I pulled my hand to my chest, I remembered I’d come in here unarmed. Twisting in the seat, I saw the person stride into the kitchen.
A tall man in brown boots and washed jeans, the muscles of his broad shoulders and chest filled out the light blue chambray shirt. He had black hair cut short, but curling a little around his ears, eyes as black as the night, full lips and about a day’s growth of dark bristle on his chin. His gaze stayed on me, studying me.
I recognized him from the photos in the dossier. Enzo Mattia. Owner of El Rancho de Rio de la Plata.
My target.
The space in the kitchen suddenly seemed constricted and the air seemed to be sucked out.!sicario/jf5nt

It's longer than seven sentences but I didn't want to lose the context of the scene.
I hope you enjoyed it. Find out more about Sicario: A Novel.

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