Sunday, 31 July 2016

Why was I so jittery? #SexySnippets #Amwriting #TransRomance #ComingSoon

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets, organised by Doris O'Connor and hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers. The idea is to share seven sentences from your work in progress or published story. Anyone is welcome to join in. Just visit the Sexy Snippets page to add the link to your blog where you've posted your sexy snippets.

This week I'm excited to announce that I started writing Capo, the third book in the World's End series. This is Marshall and Sofia's story. You met Marshall in Duce and Sicario. Sofia also appeared in Duce. Who can forget the scene where she introduced herself to Carlos. LOL

Before we get to the snippet, let me introduce the Capo. David Gandy is exactly how I picture Marshall in my head.

Now for the snippet. This is in Sofia's POV. She's been summoned for a meeting with Marshall.
Please note it's an unedited  first draft so pardon any errors.

When the door closed, I lowered my eyelids and exhaled in relief. Why was I so jittery? It wasn't the first time I was in this casino. I'd frequented the place to see the Duce, Dante Orsino.

Now Dante had moved to San Torino as the new boss of the territory, leaving one of his capos in charge of Maximo and the other casinos on the strip.

Marshall Vincenzo.

My eyes flew open. My heart beat fast, nearly exploding in my chest at the thought of him. The one man who made my knees weak both with desire and fear.

More coming soon.
Here is the rough blurb for Capo and subject to change

One mob capo.
One transwoman.
One lethal secret.

Marshall Vincenzo has his hands full with running the Angel City casinos now that his best friend, Dante is the new boss of San Torino. Not only is he left in charge of operations for the Mecca of gambling but he still has to deal with new demands made on him by his Uncle the Don of the Vincenzo clan. But when he gets a distress call from the one woman he has avoided for years his protective instincts have him going on a rescue mission.

Sofia Guirrez is hiding in plain sight. Born in the wrong body and rejected by her family for living as a woman, she ran from her past and took refuge working for men who know nothing about her previous life. When a new assignment goes wrong, she has no option but to ask for help from the one man she's craved but knows she can never have. For one thing, she can never allow him to find out her secret.

Together they have to deal with a crazed ex and a bloody coup among other dangers. To survive, she has to trust Marshall who is determined to tear down her mask and offer her the things she's always wanted—love and acceptance. But what happens once her lethal secret is out.

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  1. Well, with that visual inspiration, I'm not at all surprised her heart beats faster. Fab snippet :-D

  2. Book looks terrific. Snippet is a great intro to Sofia.